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Buying your first home is an amazing step in your life journey. You can’t wait to have your own space, ditch the rent payments and furnish your home just the way you like it!

Whether you’re the sort of homebuyer who’s driven by your heart or your head, it definitely pays to have professional assistance. Using a professional independent mortgage broker means you’ll get access to a wider range of product types and lenders than if you simply approach your current bank.

It pays to be pre-approved

Before you find that “got to have” house which is going to auction at the weekend or has a “best and final offers” deadline in a few days you need to now how much you can spend.

Sellers (and their agents) will be looking for you to be formally pre-approved to have confidence that you can obtain finance to complete the purchase. Loan pre-approvals are designed to help home buyers gain a clearer picture in regards to what they may be able to borrow. Many home buyers choose to get pre-approval as this means that finance is easily accessible and ready to go once they find the property they want to buy.

Your Loan Solutions will help you obtain pre-approval from a suitable lender, giving you peace of mind that you have access to finance when you need it. So now you’re all set to start house-hunting with the confidence that you’re ready to buy when that dream property turns up!

Some of the home loan types we offer

Your Loan Solutions can help you understand all the home loan options available and provide guidance and advice to ensure you select the product that best meets your needs and circumstances. 

First Home Buyer Loan
Government grants are available to Australians who are buying or building their first home. The Grant varies by States and Territories.
Fixed Home Loans

An interest rate set for an agreed term regardless of any variations in the market.

Interest Only Home Loans
This is where you only pay the interest on the loan. It is popular with investment properties for tax benefits.
Land & Construction Loans
If you’re buying the land, you may want to consider splitting the loan into a “land loan” and “construction loan”, which means that they’ll be advanced at different times.
Low Credit Score Loans
Perfect for Australians who are just outside of a bank’s lending criteria.
Low Deposit Home Loans
You may be able to purchase a property with low or no deposit if someone – typically your parents – is willing to act as a guarantor.
Offset Mortgages
An account linked to a mortgage account so that the interest earned is applied to reduce the interest on the mortgage.
Variable Home Loans

The interest rate varies as market interest rates change OR  variable rates go up and down as interest rates rise and fall.

Other types of Mortgages

Personal loans, car and equipment finance, reverse mortgage etc. 

Help every step of the way

Your Loan Solutions can guide you every step of the way, from pre-approval and securing a suitable loan, through to applying for government incentives such as the First Home Owners Grant.

With previous experience working in real estate, Your Loan Solutions can provide information, guidance and advice on how the whole process works – which means you get the complete picture and avoid any surprises down the line. We can explain how the process of making offers works, explain the auction process and give first hand advice on land and build projects.

Our personal service means we learn about your circumstances and future plans to help you find a product that’s right for you now and flexible enough to support you in the future.

What our customers say

We first contacted Marti at the advice of the real estate agent showing us the house we were interested in. Within an hour and on a Sunday she was at our house sharing her great knowledge of products with us to find the best one for our circumstances. She is always very attentive, friendly, and ever so helpful. She found us a product that enabled us to secure the house we wanted. She even came over later to explain the repayments again to us as being our first home we were confused by it all. I would definitely contact her again in the future and would highly recommend you do the same. You won't be disappointed.
AlexisFirst Time Home Buyer, Samford

Everything fell in place so effortlessly and it was great that someone pointed us to Marti. She's honest and straight forward. I highly recommend Marti as a first choice broker.
AmandaFirst Time Home Buyer, Bray Park

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