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Re-financing typically refers to taking out a new mortgage or home loan product on your existing property through your current lender or a new provider.

There are many reasons people choose to re-finance their loans; however the main reason is to reduce monthly repayments. Generally, the idea is to take out a new loan at a lower interest rate, or select a fixed rate loan that offers the security of fixed monthly repayments.

Even if you don’t have a specific need to re-finance, if you’ve been with the same lender and on the same product for several years, reviewing the current market can make a lot of sense.

Many people choose to re-finance loans as their personal situations change – professional advice and assistance can help you make the right choices.

Reasons to re-finance

Some of the home loan types we offer

Your Loan Solutions can help you understand all the home loan options available and provide guidance and advice to ensure you select the product that best meets your needs and circumstances.

What our customers say

"I heard about Marti from my estate agent. I needed to re-finance my houses after recently obtaining a divorce. As I am in my late 60's I never thought that I would get finance. Marti was absolutely marvellous. It was a stressful time but Marti was there; every phone call or email was promptly attended too. I was informed by Marti on a regular basis what was happening. Thank you Marti."
JanRe-mortgaging, Jerilderee

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