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Please note: The calculators are provided as guidance tools only. Results are not financial advice, and are not a guaranteed outcome or quote. Borrowers should always discuss their individual situation with an Australian Credit Licensee or authorised Credit Representative.

Loan Repayment Calculator

Calculate weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments of your loan.

Loan Repayment Calculator

Calculate weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments of your loan.

Split Loan Calculator

Work out different options for splitting your home loan into fixed and variable rate portions. This can provide you with both security and flexibility.

Home Loan Offset Calculator

Find out how much interest and time you can save with a savings / offset account.

Loan Comparison Calculator

Compare home loans from different lenders using this quick and easy home loan calculator.

Extra Repayment Calculator

Regular extra repayments will shorten your loan term and save you interest.

Lump Sum Repayment Calculator

You can save time and interest by paying a lump sum off your home loan.

Mortgage Switching Calculator

Find out how much you can potentially save by switching mortgage provider.

Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Calculate how much of your home equity remains over the period of your mortgage, the mortgage debt accumulated and an estimated future value of your property.

Comparison Rate Calculator

Calculate the ‘real’ rate of your loan.

Compound Interest Calculator

Money you’ll have if you save a regular amount.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Use this home loan calculator to find out stamp duty costs in your state or territory.

Rent vs Buy Calculator

Compare your financial position over time comparing if you were renting vs owning a house.

Borrowing Power Calculator

Find out your borrowing power based on your current income and existing financial commitments. Please use 5.8% as an interest rate – just as the lenders do when calculating your serviceability.

Property Buying Cost Calculator

Calculate your costs when buying a property.

Property Selling Cost Calculator

Calculate your selling costs.

Income Annualisation Calculator

Enabling you to estimate your total income for the full year.

Credit Card Calculator

How long to pay off your credit card with only minimum repayments.

Budget Planner

This calculator helps you to work out your weekly, fortnightly, monthly and yearly surpluses.

Income Tax Calculator

Australian income tax calculator.

Leasing Calculator

Calculate your repayments leasing your car or other equipment.

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