How to use credit card to be mortgage-free sooner

Credit cards are bank’s money, and they are free for 55 days to use.

How to get credit cards to work to your home loan’s advantage

Step 1: Research and open a credit card that suits your needs and wants. Some have no or low annual fee, some are free if you spend certain amount in a year and some are available free with your home loan package.

Step 2: Use the credit card for your everyday spending (even to buy a cup of coffee), so that your savings stay in your offset/saving account longer.

Step 3: Link the credit card to your offset/saving account, so the entire balance can then be paid out on the due date. Then you will never pay any interest on using the bank’s money.

What’s the benefit?

You will keep your own money longer in your offset account, helping you pay off your mortgage sooner. To see how it works, read our other blog – Offset Mortgages Save $1000s.

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