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Whatever type of vehicle you’re after, new or used, big or small, a car loan is the first step in helping you to secure your dream drive. The amount you borrow will depend on the price of the car that you wish to purchase and how much of your own money you will use towards the car purchase. Your Loan Solutions can find affordable repayment solutions at a market-beating rate.

Types of car loan – Consumer or Commercial

Using the vehicle as security when you buy a new or used car or motorcycle for personal or business purposes.
1) New car loan

A new car loan is a type of personal loan available to fund the purchase of your car from a car dealership.
2) Used car loan
When you buy a car from a private seller there are eligibility restrictions and conditions in order to borrow funds.


These loans can be used for a wide variety of scenarios and a little help from a personal loan can sometimes be all you need to make your dream a reality. Wedding, cruise, debt consolidation, education, holiday, renovation, flying lessons, medical fees and more.

Types of personal loan
1) Unsecured personal loans
These loans require no additional security, making them a viable option for borrowers who don’t have a valuable asset available. These loans often require a higher credit score and tend to have higher interest rates. This is due to the higher risk to Australian lenders.
2) Secured personal loan
These loans require security, an asset with no liability, can be a motor vehicle or caravan. These loans have lower interest rates.


Exploring debt mediation and debt consolidation solutions could be a way to help you out of this situation. You’ll need access to funds to take advantage of the services of our mediation specialists partners (mortgage refinance, inheritance, sale of property etc.). They will work with you to negotiate discounted settlements with your creditors to reduce outstanding liabilities, and allow you to regain control of your finances.